Thursday, June 5, 2008

My hometown - Split

Split is the second largest city in Croatia, located in middle part of the area called Dalmatia in southern Croatia. Split is situated on a small peninsula on the Adriatic sea. It`s a very important port city in Croatia. Split has about 200.000 inhabitants.

Split has a Mediterranean climate wich is different from the climate in other parts of Croatia. Summers are hot and dry and the average temperature is 29 C in daytime and 18 C at night. Winters are warm and wet and the average temperature is 14 C in daytime and 5 C at night. Split is one of the sunniest places in Europe.

Split is avery important transport centar and it`s the third busiest port in the Mediterranean. It has very good conections with many islands wich are found on the Adriatic sea. It has a lot of different industries: chemical. textile, shipbuilding, food (fishing, olive and wine production) and there is mostly tourism industry. There are hospitals, theaters, museums, many different schools, universities and churches.

Split is the old historic city and its historic center "Palace of Diocletian" is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. The Palace of Diocletian is 1700 years old. It`s built of stone and it is a very famous tourist attraction. In the palace of Diocletian is found the very old Chatedrale of Saint Dujam, who is the saint patron of the city. The 7 th of May is the day of Saint Dujam and there is a religious celebration, so many people from different cities go there. The religious celebration starts in the morning and it finishes in the afternoon. After that concerts begin on the squares, to draw out bingo and at night there is a show of fireworkes. It`s a very nice event.
Split is a very famous tourist city and it has many nice places for swiming, diving, fishing and other water sports. There are a lot of beautiful beaches, so many people enjoy the clear blue sea wich has a temperature of about 25C in the Summer. The sea is very nice and it doesn`t have the danger of sharkes. During summer, there is a very popular Split Music Festival, Split Summer theater festival, the Festival of flowers and the Festival of Food.

The people of Split are very friendly and hospitable. Every year a lot of people come there from all world and in the Summer, the city is crowded with tourists.
If you ever go to Europe, I sugest you that you go to visit Croatia and a beautiful city of Split.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

If I could be an animal

I don`t like animals so much but if I could be an animal I would like to be a bird, so I could see the beautiful nature in the whole world. I would always live in nature and fly to diffrent places.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The story about Andrew

Andrew is a teacher at St George TAFE. He lived several years in Thailand becouse his wife worked in the Australian Embassy in Bangkok. He worked there too as a prison visit officer for Australian prisoners in overseas jails.
When they lived in Thailand, he and his wife decided to adopt two children, so they adopted one boy who was 7 and his name is Nut. Later, they adopted a second boy whose name is Num.
Soon after that, they decided to came back to Australia becouse life is better for their children here than life in Thailand. Now, they live in Sydney. Andrew works at TAFE and his boy go to school.
It`s a very interesting story. Andrew is a very good teacher and I think that he is a very good father for his boys and that they are a happy family.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Carol`s story

Carol is a choreographer and a dancing teacher. She has been a modern dancer since she was yong. she started dancing when she was 6 years old. Several years later, she started to teach, so created dance work - ballet dances.
She lives in Sydney but she works in US, so she lives betwen the two places. It`s complicated but it has some adventages, like if she can`t find some things in one country, she may find in the second country.
When she creates dance works, she works on the concept, the text and the pieces of music. In the creation of dance pieces several people are involved: a composer, a designer, a coustume designer and the choreographer.
Carol has her partner for dance, who is a student and a strong man. She and her partner created their dance in about 4 hours. After that they started to drill their dance.
Carol has been a dancer for 40 years. She is a very talented choreographer.

Tessa`s Story

Tessa is a young girl who works at the University. When she finished High school, she went to study at University but first she went travelling. When she came back, she finished University where she did a Bachellor of Arts degree. Then she went to do a PhD and she is a doctor of Philosophy now.
She works at University in the Resarch system, specialy in kids areas. She has some jobs in the museums: coordinating program and retail jobs. She loves jewerlly and she tries to make some.
She is a very ambitious girl.

Monday, May 5, 2008

My first photo album!

This is a photo album called bubbleshare. It is easy to make. It was a very interesting to do.BubbleShare: Share photos - Powered by BubbleShare

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The city of Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, located in the south-eastern part of Australia. It has about 3.345.000 inhabitants and it is a multicultural city where many Chineese, Vietnamese, Greeks and Italians live. The main language is English but Vietnamese and Chinese language is first in some suburbs, so English is the second language for many residents.
The average temperature is 21-31 C in the Summer and the winter temperature is 2-3 C. Winters are often very could but the snow is very uncommon. The temperature is variable and it changes quickly.
On the coast is a large port, so many ships visit the city each day. Melbourne has the large wide Yarra River wich runs through the city centre. Along the side of the River are many cafes. There are many clubs, bars and many people play live music. It has many cafes and food from around world.
Melbourne has different types of industries: car manufacture, clothing manufacture, tourism. Lately, the clothing industry is decreasing as imports from China increase. Tourism is a very important type of industry. There are: art galleries, museums, ZOO, wich has most of Australia`s famous animals and birds. In the city centre is a very large new Crown Casino. There is a famous Melbourne Cricket Ground. Melbourne has clean beaches but the water is cooler than Sydney`s. It has a large public transport system, wich is very cheap - trains, buses and electric trams in the city centre.
Melbourne is the music and the arts centre of Australia.